The C.I. Gospel vision is to lead souls to a relationship with Jesus Christ as well as serve as a catalyst to help others deepen their walks with God; to unite the people of God in the Kingdom of God; to bring

About social and economic change in our communities and to educate and empower those who want to use their gifts to glorify God.


Our Mission is to honor and preserve the legacy of Gospel Music, as well as live the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. We will promote Gospel music and Christian events in a professional manner while providing a platform for independent artists who want to share their gifts; all the while supporting established ministries to ensure continued growth in the industry. We will uphold the traditions and maintain the standard of excellence passed down from generation to generation and empower people to live for God.


Win souls for Christ. Keep ministry in the Gospel music industry.

Provide a platform for new and independent Artists to present their gifts. 

Unite the people of God in the Kingdom of God. 

Bring about social and economic change in our communities. 

Preserve the legacy of Dr. Thomas A. Dorsey, and live the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Promote Christian radio, television, and Gospel concerts in a professional manner. 

Educate & encourage saints and the world about the power God has to heal, transform and save lives through Gospel Music.


Letter from the CEO

As we look back and remember all the things God brought us through on last year, we are excited about what the Lord has in store for us this year. I encourage all of you to seek God, why He is near! Call upon His name, while He might be found. Things are changing rapidly around us; from the weather, to the very fabric of our society. I once heard a wise man say, “If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything”.

So, in the year of our Lord, Two Thousand and Twenty-Four I have decided to take a stand for what is right and to speak out against what is wrong! Our Theme for this year is “Giving God More in 2024 ‘” God is the reason why we sing, so we give Him everything; God is the reason why we dream, so we give Him everything, simply because everything already belongs to Him!!


Pastor Ike Richardson

CEO. C.I. Gospel Music and Promotions

“Keep Looking UP and Know That God Will Never Let You Down”